Garage Door Panel Replacement

Garage Door Panels are one of the most important parts of the garage since they are the first thing that most people see whenever they look at your garage door. If your garage door starts to break down due to age or regular wear and tear, then you might need to take a look at getting garage door replacement panels.

If you need a Garage Door Panel Repair, you are certainly working with the right company, because our team knows how to fix up the panels on your door to make everything look as good as new again.

Replacing Garage Door Panels is something you need to do whenever you start to see cracks, discoloration, or other damage that can start at the bottom of the garage door. If you can replace the bottom row of damaged garage door panels, then it can stop the damage from reaching the rest of your garage.

Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

Some of the most common problems with garage door panels are caused by everyday occurrences around the garage. These include storm damage, impacts that press against the door, and general wear and tear from repeated use. Not to mention any accidents that occur around the door!

However, if a single garage door panel is damaged, then you might be wondering when you should start replacing individual panels vs the entire garage door. It’s a very tough choice to make, but some ground rules can help you decide what to do.

You should replace panels for minor cosmetic or structure damage only, and sometimes, there are a few panels that would need to be replaced. If less than a quarter of your panels are dented, scratched, discolored, or cracked, you can get away with just replacing a few panels with simple garage door panel repair.

If more than a quarter of your garage door panels needs to be replaced, it is cost effective enough to replace the entire garage door rather than replacing each of those individual panels. If so, many panels were damaged by an impact, weather event, or accident, it’s a sign that the durability of your garage door has gone down anyway.

Issues with Garage Door Panels

Thankfully, you can choose to replace one, or a few garage door panels without having to do a replacement on the entire door. Garage door panels should be replaced whenever panels get damaged or discolored, or whenever certain panels have taken structural damage.

Garage door panels should be replaced after getting damaged from weather-related disasters, including hailstorms and heavy winds, both of which can impact the door and potentially leave dented panels on the outside of the garage.

• Panels can also become discolored due to age or staining, and while painting over the offending panel is an option, you might want to replace the dirty panel with another one. Make sure to record the color of your garage door before you go shopping for another panel, in order to make sure that the aesthetics match up.

• If you have bent panels or broken panels due to age, chances are that your entire garage door is getting older, and the entire thing needs to be replaced. If the door is a discontinued model the garage door should be replaced right away with a newer model. This ensures that you get the highest quality door on the market and that it can also be repaired easier in the future.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Garage door panels provide both protection and a cosmetic look to your garage door and home. If panels get damaged, you should be focusing on getting them replaced and repaired as soon as possible. Our licensed, experienced, and professional technicians work with you to make sure that the new panels comply with garage door panel repair safety regulations. Our repairs can save you time and money in the long term since a durable garage door is something you won’t have to worry about for quite some time. Plus, you can take advantage of the reason people remember our company name, for our same-day service, seven days a week. No matter the time of day, we can fix your problem.