Are you experiencing any challenges with your garage door? The garage door cables might be broken. Your garage door cables play an essential role in the smooth operation of your garage door. They are typically attached to the base of the garage door at the drums. The cables help to hold the garage door’s weight, while the garage door spring helps lower and raise the garage door. You may need a garage door cable replacement if any of the following occur:

  • The garage door cable is broken or has snapped.
  • The cable slides off the drum.
  • The cable becomes frayed. 
  • The garage door spring breaks.
  • Your garage door refuses to open properly on both or one side.

Broken garage door cables can ruin your day as you can either become trapped on the outside or the inside, which makes for a frustrating situation. It can be dangerous when working with torsion springs, and it makes for a complicated counter-balanced setup. So, it is recommended that you contact professional garage door repair services and never undertake the repair job yourself.

garage door cable repair

Types Of garage door Cables And Uses

Garage Door Cable Issues

garage door cable repair

The garage door is made up of many compartments, which are crucial in opening and closing the door. Among those compartments are garage door springs and cables. Depending on the spring system in your door, there are at least a few various cable configurations of different lengths and sizes. There are four main types of garage cables. These are extension spring cables, safety cables, torsion spring cables and emergency release cables.

Extension spring cables are also connected at the base stretches when the door shuts down.

Safety cables keep the broken spring from falling, preventing more damages or injuries.

Torsion cables are connected at the base corners of the doors. They unwind and use energy to lift the door.

Emergency release cables come with almost every garage door and are used to manually open the door in case of loss of power or a broken motor.

Any malfunction to these cables can lead to you not being able to use your garage door properly.


garage door cable repair

• Garage door cables can break or fray due to regular wear and tear since they do all the heavy lifting and pulling. As the garage door cables are made from heavy-duty wire, they are built to provide you with years of use but can gradually or suddenly become damaged and old. If your garage door has stopped working, it could be because its safety feature has been triggered due to a broken or jammed garage door drum or cable.

• The door cannot open until repairs are conducted. If the garage door is uneven, it could be due to a damaged, frayed, or snapped garage door cable that is loose, which causes the garage door to appear slant.

• Your garage door may also move too fast, which is a sign of broken garage door cables. These cables account for a smooth and consistent operation. Exposure to elements, such as severe weather, can cause rust or cable corrosion. Additionally, garage door cables and garage door springs can become damaged or pulleys can become worn or broken. Once your garage door has started acting up, give us a call so our qualified technicians can make a diagnosis and address the issue right away, as you may need a garage door replacement.


Lift Cables & Retaining Cables

Lift Cables

Lift cables are used to lift and tuck away the garage door into the ceiling. These cables work with the garage door torsion springs and the extension springs. Lifting cables provide power to the axle and enable the lifting and lowering motion. These are typically the cable to become broken.

Torsion spring cables are attached to the winds of the door and allow it to spring up whenever it is lowered. The cables also assist with opening by being unwound. Extension springs stretch when the door is closed, and they contract to open. This cable experiences higher levels of stress as it is used. If they become jammed or broken, you don’t have to worry as we can repair and replace all kinds of issues. Our years of experience have made us experts in the sector and there is no issue we cannot handle.

Retaining Cables

Retaining cables are also known as safety cables that work with the extension spring cables. They act as a fail-safe when the spring becomes damaged, helping the broken spring stay where it is. If it were to go firing off, it would result in serious damages. Retaining cables are connected at each end of the garage door and run through the garage door extension springs.

Our garage door specialists can assist if there are broken, loose, or worn garage door drums or cables to restore safety and functionality to your home. Once you place a call to our office, we can send a technician over to rescue you as we offer same-day service seven days a week, repairing all models and makes, so you are never stranded.