How to Release and Reset the Emergency Pull Cord on a Garage Door

How to Release and Reset the Emergency Pull Cord on a Garage Door

There are times you find yourself needing to operate the garage door manually. It might be due to a garage door remote not working or a power outage. Other times, a garage door is not closing automatically. Whatever the reason, there is a need to gain access to your garage. 

Of course, we don’t want to inflict damage to our garage doors. Fortunately, there’s a solution to the problem you have – it’s using the garage door pull cord. 

So, what is a garage door pull cord? How can you use it to operate your garage door manually? We will answer them down below. 

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When Do You Need to Use a Garage Door Pull Cord?

Every automatic garage doors have a garage door emergency release kit. It comes with a garage door emergency release lock and a release cord. This cord hangs at the ceiling near the trolley and the overhead garage door opener. Once you pull it down, you’ll be able to use your garage door manually.

This feature is usually used during emergencies – such as power outages, opener malfunction, damaged parts, and so on. Thankfully, these problems can be fixed on your own when you use the emergency pull cord.

Releasing the Emergency Pull Cord on a Garage Door

Now, we’re on the actual steps to use the emergency release cord. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Disconnect the Opener
Despite having a power outage, you need to disconnect the opener from the power source. This way, you will prevent any potential injury when the power returns. This will also make sure that you’ll perform the following steps safely.

2. Garage Door Should be in Closed Position
Before you pull the cord, you need to make sure that the garage door is in a down position. When it’s open, you might be injuring yourself in the process. There are cases when the springs might be broken when the garage door cannot be closed. If you try to release the opener in this position, you could be damaging the garage door as it could slam down hard to the floor. As a result, it could cause extensive damage to the garage door and injury.

3. Pull the Release Cord
Since you have closed the garage door, pull the cord hanging near the front door. Beside it is the trolley that is responsible for its movement. Once you pull the release cord down, you will be disconnecting the troller from the assembly. Hence, it’s possible to move the garage door manually.

4. Operate the Garage Door Manually
You can now move the garage door manually. Test it a few times to check if it’s working correctly. On the other hand, if you find it difficult to lift the garage door, there might be problems with the garage door springs. Because of this, contact a garage door professional to inspect the situation.

How to Reset the Emergency Pull Cord on a Garage Door

After a power outage, you should reset the pull cord on your garage door. However, if the cord re-engages automatically, there’s no need to follow this process.

Fortunately, resetting the garage door is a simple process. Follow the steps so you can perform it on your own.

Resetting the Emergency Pull Cord With an Automatic Trolley

1. Close the garage door.
Like releasing the cord, resetting it requires you to shut the garage door entirely. Make sure you see no gaps between the garage door and the floor.

2. Switch on the overhead garage door opener.
If you unplug the garage door opener, plug it back into the outlet. This will allow you to use your garage door automatically.

3. Use the garage door remote.
In the garage door remote, you will see two buttons for opening and closing the garage door. Press the close button to engage the garage door opener to reconnect on its own.

4. Wait for the garage door to reconnect.
After pressing the button, wait for the opener to reconnect. The trolley should move into place via the chains to allow automatic use.

5. Move the garage door automatically.
Once the trolley is engaged back to the carriage assembly, and the opener is reconnected, operate the garage door twice. In this way, you’ll make sure every part of your garage door is running smoothly.

the takeaway

A power outage, a garage door remote not working, or movement problems can be inconvenient to all homeowners. After all, you’ll find it difficult to access your garage door.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved with an emergency release cord. After all, its primary purpose is to use it during emergencies, especially during power outages.

All garage doors come with an emergency release cord for a reason – when the automatic operation becomes problematic, you can rely on the manual mode.

Make sure to follow the steps above to manually open garage doors. You can also refer to your door’s manual or seek help from a professional.