How to Keep Your Garage Dry in The Winter


Winter is the time of year when we must ensure that our homes are warm and our garages are dry. Keep in mind that our garage has the widest opening on the property. Leaving it vulnerable during the winter can lead to a slew of issues, one of which is cold drafts.  

Aside from that, when moisture enters the garage, it can dampen the environment, causing a variety of issues. Remember that our garage serves a number of purposes, including parking, valuable possession storage, and so on. 

Unless the garage is detached from the main house, there is nothing for us, homeowners, to be concerned about. So, whether it’s attached or detached from the main house, our main concern is how to keep it dry.  

garage door in the winter

Investing in snow garage mats, bottom seals, and other similar items can help keep the garage dry during the winter. But knowing which one truly resolves the problem can save time, money and effort. For that, let us show you several tips for keeping your garage dry during this time of year.

tips for keeping your garage dry in the winter

The garage is primarily used to park our vehicles. This is why many homeowners prefer to leave and enter their homes through the garage rather than the front door. And it is for this reason that we must figure out how to keep the garage dry throughout the winter. Winter, in some areas, can be harsh. Therefore, you must make the necessary preparations before it causes significant damage. To get things started, consider investing in the following:


A garage floor water diverter or snow mat is a must-have item for protecting your garage. This element significantly reduces snow-melt by keeping it in one location. Basically, garage mats for snow contain the snow and water from your car when you pull inside the garage. There is no need to install a huge portion of snow mats throughout the garage floor. Place the mats only where you usually park your vehicle.


Installing garage door insulation is another effective way to keep your garage dry and warm. Well-insulated hardware not only keeps the garage dry, but it also prevents drafts from entering and exiting. Apart from keeping you warm, you’ll be relieved to know that it won’t significantly increase your next electric bill. If you don’t know how to insulate a garage door or are still using outdated hardware, contact your local service provider. The resiliency of the insulation material deteriorates over time as a result of daily use and years of service. So, have it checked and replaced as needed.


So, when was the last time you replaced your garage door weather stripping? Keep in mind that weather stripping has been exposed to a variety of potentially hazardous elements. These elements degrade the material’s tensile strength over time. Make sure your garage door weatherproofing is in good shape before the winter season arrives, and replace it as needed. 


As previously stated and as we are all aware, we use the garage as our main entrance and exit. This daily function alone can wear down the entire area due to the mechanical hardware’s vibration. The garage is subjected to a variety of elements resulting in the wear and tear of the garage door bottom seal. Ignoring such minor detail allow drafts to enter and exit the garage. When drafts can come in and out, it poses a significant problem. Therefore, weather sealing garage doors inspection, sealing, and replacement should be done regularly.  Make sure not to leave even the smallest gap open. So, let’s keep our garage clean, dry, and warm by attending to its maintenance needs. 


Above and beyond all of the important tips and items we’ve mentioned, regular inspection remains the most effective method. And we’re not just talking about a visual inspection of the hardware and the surrounding area.We should include the following components to ensure that the entire system runs smoothly such as: Springs, Cables, Door Panels and other essential garage door components.

We are not only subjected to one season for the entire year. Summer is yet another dreadful season that can make a significant impact not only on our garage but also on the hardware. By keeping these elements in perfect condition, you’re guaranteed a dry and warm garage all year. 

Therefore, don’t put off any necessary garage door spring repair to ensure the hardware’s functionality. Don’t forget that garage door cable repair is also necessary. And when garage door panel replacement is deemed necessary, contact your trusted local service provider.

is there any other way to keep the garage dry and warm?

Aside from the previously mentioned tips and methods, there are a few other options and tips. You might be interested in hearing about these alternatives since they are simple and inexpensive, requiring only time and a bit of effort.

Here are some maintenance options for keeping your garage dry:

• Use a squeegee

A squeegee is frequently underutilized. And yet it provides a quick and low-cost solution for keeping snowmelt out of the garage. When the snow melts off the vehicle and falls to the floor, squeegee the water back outside. Keep the garage door open the entire time, and then close it when you’re done.

• Brush off the vehicle before pulling in

If you don’t have the funds to invest in hardware upgrades and garage repairs, brush off your car before parking. Aside from being cost-effective, it effectively removes and reduces snow-melt entering the garage.

• Use a blower fan 

It may appear to be costly, but you can rest assured that the blower fan is well worth the cost. A blower fan aids in quickly drying out your garage with little effort on your part. Although other fans may be viable, consider the cold blow it emits, which makes drying out the garage floor difficult.


• Cardboard

Cardboard boxes are an excellent substitute for snow mats. It works in the same way as the snow mats in absorbing the snowmelt. Aside from that, it also helps to trap any salt or de-icer left behind. When the cardboard is completely saturated, simply throw it away and insert a dry replacement.  

Winter is harsh enough as it is. We can’t stop the snow from falling, but we’re clever enough to overcome this seasonal issue. Don’t let the cold winter drafts ruin your garage. Use what you’ve learned to keep your garage dry during the cold winter months. To ensure that your garage is equipped and ready to face the winter season, connect with your trusted service provider.

Capital Garage Door Repair is a dedicated team of professional technicians offering dependable services. We understand your concerns not only during the winter season. We make sure that you can rely on us at all times. We know that after the winter months, you will face new challenges that will necessitate technical assistance.

You know who to call when it comes to keeping your garage safe and mechanical hardware secure.